1500-3000 GPD water treatment plant

It contains everything needed to purify and deliver water to the filling source, making it more than just a reverse osmosis Water Purification system. This full service water purification system is currently used throughout the domestic and international market place, answering the call for pure, quality, great tasting drinking water. The Aquapaure Skid is used in applications such as Home, Company, Labour Camp, Farm House, water stores, beverage production, pharmaceuticals, and various other applications calling for pure RO water. This Dow Filmtec USA membrane reverse osmosis drinking water purification system designed to consistently..
The Aquapaure Skid is available in Brackish Water, multiple Water. Aquapure models to suit different production levels ranging from 1,500 – 3,000 gallons per day. This water purification system can be easily modified for higher production levels at a later date and easily adaptable for various uses.