Pentair GAC filter cartridges

  • Cartridge uses a combination of Granular Activated Carbon & Patented KDF Media.
  • Premium Coconut Shell Granular Actived Carbon is effective for chlorine, taste & odor removal.
  • Carbon/KDF ratio is 80/20 by volume.
  • KDF media is bacteriostatic. It inhibits bacteria growth from within the cartridge itself
  • KDF media removes lead and free chlorine.

carbon filter cartridges include water filters and prefilter cartridges that go into filter housings. Models are available for drinking water, whole house filtration, under sinks, and with ice machines and hot water appliances in food service applications. Activated carbon filter cartridges is often used as a filter in water treatment systems, where water is directed downwards through a stationary bed of activated carbon, leaving organic material to accumulate at the top of the bed. Activated carbon is similarly used to lower radon levels in water. Also available in powdered form.

GAC Activated Carbon filter cartridge is available in 10” , 20'', .......