Pentair Water Filtration System - 20x2.5'' - 3 Stages

  • 20″ x2.5'' Water Filters Housing
  • Premium 3-STAGE Mounted Whole House Housing Set
  • Triple 20" Housings Offers Multi-Stage Versatility & Efficiency
  • No Installation, Pre-Assembled Complete System Ready to Mount
  • Large Capacity, High Flow Rate Polypropylene Housings
  • Accepts Industry Standard 20" X 2.5" Whole House Cartridges
  • 1/2'' - 3/4'' FPT Inlet and Outlet Ports for Fast Flow
  • 3 Stages Water Filtration Process
  • Remove 99 % Dust , Rust , Sediments
  • Designed for Colleges , School , Factories etc
  • 6 Month Exclusive Warranty
  • Best Water Filter in Dubai UAE

water filtration system is your best choice for delivering clean water throughout your home. It purely relies on the water pressure and does not reduce it either. The water filtration system is great for removing sediments, chlorine and chloramines from the water. These systems are available as single stage, 2-stage and 3-stage. We recommend that you get a chemical analysis of your water to find the best filters and housings fro your home. Fejatech Consult Limited will ddo this analysis for you and advise you on the best system.