Water Softener

With Time Controller: Water softener units with time controller makes the regeneration process with salty water at the desired day or hour without human intervention.

If the water usage increases when the machine is making regeneration process, hard water gives the system from on the valve’s own units.Special designs can make for high capacity.

Hard water is hard on your home, as it brings undesirable elements (calcium, magnesium, chlorine, iron and sediment) from wells or municipal water supplies. Those impact the plumbing appliances, linens, glassware and more. And that has a consequence on your wallet. They can be eliminated with one of our highly technological water softening systems. Aquapure offers a large range of softener systems, from the affordable and convenient entry-level system till the premium range. All of them are developed for residential applications, but also light commercial applications, such as small pubs, dentist studios, small restaurants as well as laundries. Calsium (Ca2+) and Magnesium (Mg2+) minerals are which in water creat hardness (lime). Hardness minerals damage to firstly people’s health, the installation, and machines which is working with water.So, these dangerous minerals should put out from the water. Water softening is a process which is changing calsium and magnesium minerals with sodium salts and removing the hardness form water. Water is passed from a resin bed to use sodium minerals. Than decreased sodium mineral in the resin will refresh and regeneration with salt (NaCl). Regeneration process is done automatically with automation with on the controller panel of water softener. Automation process is divided to two option: