Aquapure send Filtration System

Multimedia Sand filtration System, the suspended solids in the water, turbidity and remove invisible other particles away and to protect the equipment.When the system is designing, a lot of layers which has different degrees beds into the body. In a well-made filtration systems which will go to other treatment filters of load will be minimum and the yield and equipment’s life are going to increase.

Automatic multi-layer sand filters become three granule size gravel, quartz sand and anthracite which is on top. The cause of usage of different included sand, creating a minimum space between layers and maximum sedimantation capacity. The most important parameters that effecting of the yield, amount of minerals, correct sequence, chemical structure, granulometric properties, filtration rate. In a filter of filtration accuracy is less than 10 micron when good beared and appropriated to pollution load of filtration rate.