UV- Ultraviolet Water sterilizer - Vertical type

Ultra violet water treatment systems (UV sterilisers) kill bacteria in water. They are often used to ensure safe drinking water from well, spring and borehole water supplies. Due to increased legislation are now regularly used in food and drink related industries. Micro organisms including bacteria, viruses and cysts are all around us naturally. Many are harmless but exposure to "bad" ones can cause severe illness particularly in the elderly and very young. There is a wide variety of water treatment products available to improve taste, clarity, scale etc but none of these are designed to combat bacteria. Ultra violet water treatment is one of the safest ways to disinfect water as the UV rays are a natural component of sunlight. No chemicals are added so there is no danger from overdosing or creating a bad taste. How do UV sterilizers work?

The UV sterilizer utilizes a germicidal fluorescent lamp that produces light at a wavelength of approximately 254 nanometers (2537 Angstroms). The water with the bacteria/algae passes over the bulb (or around the bulb if a quartz sleeve is used) and is irradiated with this wavelength. As the light penetrates the bacteria/algae, it mutates the DNA (genetic material), preventing growth/multiplication of the organism.

  • Food processing industry, including juices, milk, drinks, beer, practical oil and canned food
  • Electronic industry
  • Hospitals, various laboratory and high levels of pathogenic body water disinfection
  • Households building, residential, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, water factories
  • Purification and disinfection of shellfish, fish cleaning and disinfection
  • Military camp, field water supply system
  • .Urban wastewater disinfection
  • Swimming pool, other recreational water disinfection
  • Thermal power, nuclear power plant industrial, central air conditioning system cooling water.
  • Biological, chemical and pharmaceutical, cosmetics for the production of cooling water.
  • Sea water, fresh water breeding, aquaculture water
  • Agricultural water disinfection
    Product features
  • SS304 or SS316 stainless steel reactor
  • Quartz sleeve to ensure the best working temperature
  • Comprehensive sterilization, efficient and fast, sterilization rate is up to 99.9%
  • High output, physical sterilization, without negative effects, without secondary pollution
  • Full stainless steel shell
  • Equipment is cleaning and polishing, applicable to high purifying environment
  • The electrical device is configured to apply in the market around the world
  • Has special design, and operates very conveniently